How to shop

Shopping at SelfPrint Music consists of two main parts: ordering the music and (after paying) downloading it.

Technical prerequisites

If you want to shop or be signed in, you have to allow cookies in your browser. We further recommend that you have the JavaScript activated, which is not necessary, but it can facilitate your work. Both are usually part of the standard settings of the browser.

Searching for music pieces

Ordering the music is elicited by selecting the link "Search/Order". This will lead you to the search form where you can enter the criteria for finding the desired pieces.

Here we would like to stress the possibility of finding pieces according to their arrangement, which can be done either approximately (e.g. solo, duo, vocal etc.) or by their exact arrangement (including the number of instruments).

For example when you are looking for a piano piece with a non-specified number of other instruments, in the section "arrangement - fine selection" you will select the option "includes at least" and in the column "Instrument/Unit" you will select "Piano".

When you are looking for a piece for flute with piano accompaniment, in the section "arrangement - fine selection" you will select the option "includes exactly", in the column "Instrument" you will select "Piano" and in the second line "Flute" (the order of the lines does not matter).

If you want to specify more instruments (e.g. two violins), you can enter their number in the column "Number" next to the respective instrument.

You can also specify choir pieces more accurately - e.g. when you are looking for a mixed choir of 6 voices, in the section "arrangement - fine selection" you will select the option "includes at least" and in the column "Instrument/unit" you will select "Choir - female voice" and "Choir - male voice". You can search for the exact arrangement in the same way (e.g. 2 female voices and 2 male voices etc.).

Selecting the music

After submitting the search form a list of pieces corresponding with your search criteria will appear.

Clicking on the name of the piece will show details about this piece. Besides other information you will find a thumbnail, a sound sample and a list of available music here (e.g. score, part for separate instruments).

By clicking on the cart symbol on this list, the respective music will be added to your cart. If there is more music on the list, you can add more music from this list into your cart individually. (For music offered for free, you will find a direct download link in place of the shopping cart symbol.)

Then you can return to the list of results or search for other pieces and add other music to your cart in the same way.

Ordering the music

After you have added music to your cart, you can view its content by clicking on the respective symbol or link. You can delete individual music from your cart by clicking on the symbol of the recycle bin.

If you are happy with the content of your cart, you can proceed to the checkout by clicking on the given link. There you will again see the list of music you are about to buy. You can confirm this selection if you agree with the conditions of use. Non-registered users must enter their e-mail address to which the access code to their order will be sent after confirmation.

The confirmation gives rise to an irremissible order; the indicated total price of the order must be paid within 15 days by a bank transfer to the given bank account (that depends on the currency in which you want to pay for the music), after this time period the order expires. It is necessary to enter the number of the order on the payment order so that we can identify your payment!

Picking up your music

Picking up your music can be started by selecting the link "Pick up". First you can check the state of your order.

  • Non-registered users must enter the number of their order and the access code which they have acquired in the confirmation e-mail. If you forget this code, you can have the list of all your orders including the codes sent to your e-mail.
  • Registered users will be shown the list of their orders on which they can click on the number of the order they want to check.

On the detail of your order you will see the subject of this order and you will further see the history of the changes of the state of this order, including the current state. If we have received your payment, you will be allowed to download the files that contain the ordered music. After clicking on the symbol "Download", the browser should show you the dialog box offering the downloading of the ZIP archive whose name is made up of the number of the order. This name as well as the directory where the file will be saved can be changed in this dialog box. In the end you have to select the symbol "Save". This will finish off the whole shopping process. Then you can print the music (according to the terms of use) and enjoy it!

Structure of the files

You will receive the files in the form of a ZIP archive in which you will find the delivery note and the ordered music in PDF format. The music is ordered into the files so that each file corresponds to one piece. The names of the PDF files correspond to their content (generally scores and parts).


Music from SelfPrint Music can be bought even by non-registered users. Nevertheless registering offers some advantages:

  • You will only need one password chosen by yourself to have access to your orders.
  • The risk of unauthorized access to your orders is lower in comparison to sending access codes to your e-mail address.
  • You do not need to state your e-mail address during making each order.

Only SelfPrint Music will have access to your registration information and this information will not be made available to any third party. You will also not receive any spam from us.

After entering your data on the registration page, a confirmation with your initial access password will be sent to your e-mail address which you can use during your first signing in. We suggest that you change this password to your own password as soon as possible. This can be done by signing in and selecting the link "Edit my data".